TVS Bike Price In Bangladesh February, 2023

Below, you can find the latest official TVS price for bikes in Bangladesh list 2022 along with the complete TVS Bangladesh motorcycle showroom address and the most up-to-date TVS motorbikes specifications, Pictures.


TVS Motorcycle has been one of the top selling motorcycle manufacturers in Bangladesh for quite a while currently (Source). Of all the TVS motorcycles available in Bangladesh, TVS Apache RTR series is among the most well-known motorcycles in Bangladesh.

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tvs apache rtr 160 4v

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Price In Bangladesh

৳ 198,999.00
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tvs max semi trail 125
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tvs scooty zest 110

TVS Scooty Zest Price In Bangladesh

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tvs apache rtr 160 race edition
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tvs radeon 110
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tvs metro
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TVS Motorcycle, therefore, TVS Motor Company is the Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturer. It is the main concern of the TVS Group that leads from Chennai, India. under the name TVS the company manufactures many different motorbikes, scooters and three-wheelers in India.


Additionally, they sell the same products in their international markets, as well as in India. At present, they are the third largest manufacturer of motorcycles within India and exports their products to over 60 countries across the globe.


TVS APACHE RTR 160 4V: TVS APACHE RTR 160 4V is an extremely good product by TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd. The bike is equipped with an engine of 160 cubic centimeters that has 4 valves as well as an aggressive style to its design. Its attractive design and style definitely attracts the attention of the people who pass by.


TVS APACHE RTR 160 4V a thrilling bike to take a look at. The length of the bike is 2050 millimeters, while its width and height remain to 790mm and 1050mm respectively. The bike is equipped with 12L of fuel capacity and weighs about 145 kilograms. The style as well as the fitting and finish, feels good. The bike comes with the minimum ground clearance of 180mm which is a good thing.


TVS APACHE RTR 160 4V has a 159.7 Cc, 4-Stroke single-cylinder oil-cooled engine with four valves. The engine is capable of producing as much as 16.5PS in power when running at speeds of 8000 RPM as well as 14.8 Nm of maximum power at 6500 RPM. The engine is available with kick and electric models and the ignition system can be described as Inductive Discharge Ignition (IDI). The transmission is a 5- speed manual that comes with a wet-multiplate clutch.


TVS Apache RTR 160 Race Edition: It is the TVS Apache RTR 160 Race Edition includes an instrument cluster that is semi-digital. The instrument cluster is equipped with the speedometer, odometer counters for RPM (analog) and fuel gauge, which is the essential information. Apart from the above-mentioned information the instrument cluster includes a trip meter, an indicator of top speed as well as the clock. What it is missing is a gear-position indicator that would have been an essential feature to the bike.


The TVS Apache RTR 160 Race Edition is equipped with a basic light configuration. The front is equipped with an halogen headlight, while the rear is equipped with an LED taillight. The indicators on the bike are , however, LED. The distinctive aspect of it is its DRL on the front. The eye-catching LED DRLs make a striking appearance in dark conditions.


Its TVS Apache RTR 160 Race Edition is a bike that is agile. It has 790mm of height for the seat that is ideal for those who are taller than 5’3″ and below 5’9″ however, those who are over 5’9″ might have a difficult time for them to travel on. It also has the 165mm clearance for ground clearance which is quite suitable for Bangladesh. It also comes with a tank that is 16 liters, which will ensure that the rider won’t get a fuel shortage very often during long trips.


It is the TVS Apache RTR 160 Race Edition features length, width, and height and weight of 2085mm, 730mm, 110mm, and 137kg. It is most likely the lightest of the 160cc category and is comfortable to ride in dense traffic. The wheelbase is 1300mm. This is quite average for turning.


This TVS Apache RTR 160 Race Edition includes one-cylinder, four-stroke, 2-valve as well as a 159.7cc engine. The engine is air-cooled and carbureted. The engine puts out about 15.2BHP in power, at 8500rpm, and 13.1Nm of torque at 4000rpm.


RTR is Racing Throttle Response, which can be seen when looking at the specifications of this bike. The torque starts to kick in quickly, allowing the bike to reach the 0-60 mark in just 5 minutes. It also has an IDI Dual mode digital ignition system. It comes with both switches and kicks to start. The bike has a fuel efficiency of 38-45 kmpl.


This TVS Apache RTR 160 Race Edition comes with a wet multi-plate clutch. It comes with a five-speed gearbox, which isn’t appropriate for a 160cc bike however it can be used. It is predicted to reach a maximum speed of 125 to 130 kmph.


TVS Radeon: TVS Radeon can be described as a sleek bicycle for commuting that features modern technology which has been designed to look vintage. It comes with knee grips made of rubber across both the sides. The bike also comes with a luggage rack as well as a j-hook and the saree-guard is included as standard. Leg guards are also available with them. The bike features only one seat, which is extremely comfortable and spacious.


The TVS Radeon comes with an extremely basic instrument cluster. The instrument cluster includes an odometer, speedometer, fuel gauge and a power/economy mode indicator as well as other indicators that are essential. One of the most fascinating aspects is the fact that this bike has an indicator for the side-stand that is essential for novices.


The TVS Radeon is a short motorcycle. It features a saddle that is low and a decent space clearance, which is 180mm. This clearance is sufficient to make it suitable for city travel. It also has a typical tank of around 10 liters however, when you consider the effectiveness of this bike because of the small capacity, it’s plenty of room for commuting.


The TVS Radeon is a compact body, compared to other bikes. The length, height and width as well as the mass of TVS Radeon are 1070mm, 705mm, 2006mm, and 112kg, respectively. It is quite lightweight but isn’t the lightest in this class. The bike also has a short wheelbase, 1265mm. This makes it extremely compact and quick.


The TVS Radeon is one cylinder, a 4-stroke, as well as a 109.7cc engine. It is carburetor and air-cooled, something that is expected for this price. The engine puts out about 8.29BHP at 7000rpm, and 8.7Nm of torque around 5500rpm. Its power is decent as compared to other bikes in this price range. It can achieve a mileage between 55-60 kmpl.


It is also a bit more expensive than the TVS Radeon and has a basic multi-plate clutch that is wet. There are 4 gears on the transmission, meaning the brake on the engine is more powerful and is able to turn without any downshift. It can reach a maximum speed of about 110 mph.


The company was established in Bangladesh TVS Motorcycle officially started its business operations in 2007. TVS Auto Bangladesh Limited was established in a joint venture of Rian Motors, and TVS & Sons in the same year. Thus, TVS Motorcycle is providing distribution and marketing of TVS motorcycles across the country in Bangladesh.


TVS Auto is currently offering the majority of its TVS motorbikes and scooters inside Bangladesh authorized by the government capacity range for engines.


They also have a partial manufacturing and full facility for assembly in Bangladesh situated at Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh.


Contact: TVS Bangladesh

304 Tejgoan I/A
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Call: 01919-194222

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Which bike is best in TVS?

Ans-Most popular models for TVS includes Apache RTR 160 4V (1,72,900 BDT).

2. What is the full form of TVS?

Ans- TVS stands for Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram. The founder of TVS Group.

3. Which is the best bike in TVS?

Ans- Most popular models for TVS includes Apache RTR 160 (BDT 1,72,900), Apache RTR 160 4V (BDT 1,68,900).

4. What are the latest TVS bikes in Bangladesh?

Ans- TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, TVS Max Semitrail, RVS Rockz, these are the latest TVS motorcycles.

5. How many showrooms TVS have in Bangladesh?

Ans- TVS have showrooms in every district and most of the sub-districts.