All Available Suzuki Bike Price In Bangladesh February, 2023

Below, you’ll find updated information from the Suzuki Bike Price In BD 2022 list, as well as all Suzuki motorcycles available in Bangladesh showroom address , along with the latest Suzuki motorcycles specifications, photos.

Suzuki Bangladesh is one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the world. Suzuki Gixxer Series is one of the most well-known Suzuki bikes available in Bangladesh. Rancon Motorbikes Ltd – Selling Suzuki bikes in BD starting in 2014.

new suzuki gixxer
৳ 241,950.00৳ 264,950.00

New Suzuki Gixxer Price In Bangladesh

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৳ 294,950.00৳ 319,950.00

New Suzuki Gixxer SF Price In Bangladesh

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suzuki burgman 125
৳ 249,000.00

Suzuki Burgman 125 Price In Bangladesh

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suzuki access 125
৳ 140,000.00

Suzuki Access 125 Price In Bangladesh

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suzuki lets
৳ 136,917.00

Suzuki Lets Price In Bangladesh

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Suzuki Bike Price In BD 2022

Motorcycle NameCCPriceDetails
Suzuki Bandit 150150 cc3,19,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Bandit 150150 cc3,19,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Samurai 150150 cc1,49,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki GSX 125125 cc1,34,950 BDTClick Here
New Suzuki Gixxer Fi ABS155 cc2,44,950 BDTClick Here
New Suzuki Gixxer Carburetor155 cc2,24,950 BDTClick Here
New Suzuki Gixxer SF FI ABS155 cc2,91,950 BDTClick Here
New Suzuki Gixxer SF Carburetor155 cc2,71,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Gixxer154 cc1,74,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Gixxer Dual Disc Dual Tone154 cc1,99,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Gixxer SF154 cc2,19,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Gixxer SF FI154 cc2,19,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Gixxer SF Double Disc MotoGP154 cc2,19,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Intruder147 cc2,75,000 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Intruder FI147 cc2,99,000 BDTClick Here
Suzuki GSX-R150147 cc

3,50,000 BDT

3,79,950 BDT (ABS)

Click Here
Suzuki GSX-S150147 cc3,50,000 BDTClick Here
Suzuki GS150R149 ccNot AvailableClick Here
Suzuki Slingshot Plus125 ccNot AvailableClick Here
Suzuki Hayate112 cc99,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Hayate Special Edition112 cc94,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Hayate EP112 cc99,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Burgman 125 (Scooter)124 cc2,49,000 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Lets (Scooter)112 cc1,36,917 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Access 125 FI CBS125 cc1,64,950 BDTClick Here
Suzuki Access 125 124 cc

1,40,000 BDT (Drum)

1,45,000 BDT (Disc)

1,85,000 BDT (SP Edition)

Click Here

Suzuki is the Japanese automobile brand that is part of the umbrella of Suzuki Motor Corporation.


The company was previously known under the name Suzuki Loom Works that was established in 1909 by the businessman and inventor Michio Suzuki.


At present, Suzuki is globally known as the maker of the two-wheeler, four-wheeler, ATV marine engine, and internal combustion engines.


In addition, they produce various other kinds of products within limited quantities and make an impact in the world of sports.


RANCON Motorbikes Limited This means that RMBL is the sole company of the Rancon Group in Bangladesh.


The RANCON Wing was officially established in 2013, promising the delivery of Suzuki Motorcycles in Bangladesh.


They are primarily associated together with Suzuki Motorcycle India which is serving this region as important to Suzuki Japan.


In the year 2014 following the beginning Suzuki’s first delivery of Suzuki motorcycles came in CBU-condition. At that time, all imported motorcycles were sold one month prior to the arrival of the shipment.


Suzuki Gixxer Double Disc SF MotoGP:

Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP is a favored model from the manufacturer. It has an engine that is 150 cc in size and a shrewd design. Its attractive design and style definitely attracts the attention of the people in the vicinity.


The SUZUKI GiXXER SF MotoGP is an exciting bike to take a look at. Its length is 2050 millimeters, while its height and width are set at 785 and 1085 millimeters and 1085 mm respectively.


The bike is equipped with a fuel tank of 12L and weighs 140 kilograms. The style as well as the fitting and finish, feels good. The bike comes with a minimum clearance of 160mm, which is a good figure.


SUZUKI GIXXER the SF MotoGP has a 154.9 Cc, 4-Stroke single cylinder, air-cooled engine that has a carburetor to feed the fuel.


The engine is capable of producing as much as 14.8 BHP of power at 8000 RPM, and 14 Nm of maximum torque at 6600 RPM.


The engine is available in kick and electric models and the transmission is a 5- speed manual with a wet clutch.


Suzuki Gixxer: The new Suzuki Gixxer has been mainly developed and its surrounding areas, with an emphasis on design and performance in gas, as well as high-end fee-based production (Source). The motorbike ratings are many of these aspects.


Gixxer is stunningly striking, with sharp woman or man lines. A majority of these lines have a reason that makes the design twice as amazing.


The sleek and elegantly sculpted gas tank is fitted with a superb knee recess, which provides a great grip to give Gixxer an overwhelming biking experience. It also has the well-known 12 liter gasoline capacity.


I chose the convenient electric start that can boost the recently upgraded 155cc. It’s a single-cylinder SOHC air-cooled and carbureted motor that is equipped with a five-speed gearbox.


The motorbikes as well as the engine working with were improved under the supervision from the very same design team that have also created the Suzuki GSX-R series.


It’s not possible to assess the strengths of both motorcycles due to the fact that the Gixxer produces just 14.8PS of peak power at 8000rpm as well as 14Nm at the maximum speed when it is at 6600rpm.


The engine emits a roaring sound. It’s not silent. It roars and due to its quick to go gearbox and smooth pickup it is able to beat many of its rivals in the drag race. Additionally, the light weight 135kg of the bike can be very helpful.


The engine isn’t very refined however the vibration that begins at 7000 RPM is manageable on both highway and city rides that you feel on the footpeg as well as some on the tank of fuel.


The bike we tested does not have an AHO and BSIV engine. It was a continuous ride for 70km and I did not feel uncomfortable when I was on the highway.


Suzuki Hayate: A Suzuki-owned company Maruti Suzuki has been ruling the Indian automobile market for over two decades. Two-wheeler firms such as Honda as well as Yamaha do well. But the two wheeler division of Suzuki Suzuki Motorcycles isn’t that well-known in the United States.


To improve the experience, Suzuki launched made for India commuters last year, dubbed Hayate which is a Japanese word that means “fresh breeze. In India 100-110cc commuters are the most popular products and constitute the largest portion in one of the biggest two-wheeler markets around the globe.


Suzuki Hayate is one of the most appealing bikes in the 100cc class. While the bike isn’t heavy and comes with an electronic console it has a better distance and is significantly less in terms of speed. The motorbike also has tubeless tires, which is an important feature. The motorbike is priced at cash.


Suzuki Hayate is powered by the single-cylinder engine which can produce the most power of 8.3 BHP at 7500 rpm, in addition to 8.62 Nm of torque at 5500 pm.


The engine is clean and the throttle response is quick and responsive. The bike is capable of achieving speeds up to 90 km/h. It is fitted with a four-speed gearbox.

The handling is decent, however it is not as good as Honda Dream, but it does the job. Hayate utilizes a unit tube chassis and an engine that is set-up, which allows it to be fairly well-balanced.


We did not like the old-fashioned tubular swingarm that is located on the back, particularly because the majority of Indian motorcycles have the more rigidity of the box-section swingarm.


Additionally, the favorable market response boosted the newly-formed firm. As a result, they set up the factory for assembly in the beginning, and started to do CKD conditions motorcycle imports.


And so on. Rancon Motorbikes Suzuki Bangladesh has the full phase assembly facility. The models that are showcased to the Bangladeshi market are assembled in their production line.


They have also introduced the manufacturing line since the year 2018, in order to help Suzuki Japan. The manufacturing facility is located in Rancon Industrial Park, Gazipur. Within this factory, they slowly started to produce off of their show-stopping motorcycles.


Contact: Suzuki Bangladesh

226 Tejgaon I/A (Gulshan-Tejgaon link road),
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Call: 01709637398, 01755-662288

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Suzuki Japanese or Chinese?

Ans-Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational manufacturer in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu.

2. Who are the importer of Suzuki motorcycles in Bangladesh?

Ans- Rancon Motors Ltd. is the distributor of Suzuki motorcycles in Bangladesh

3. Is Suzuki GSX-R150 truely the fastest bike in Bangladesh?

Ans- At present, among the top tier sports bike, Suzuki GSX-R150 is the fastest.

4. Is Suzuki Hayabusa available in Bangladesh?

Ans- Suzuki Hayabusa was brought over by Rancon Motors Ltd. for display only at Dhaka Bike Show 2018.

5. Which is the best Suzuki Scooter?

Ans- While Suzuki Burgman is the most powerful, Suzuki Lets is really popular due to the commuting performance.