Lifan Is Giving Discount Offer On KPR, KPT And Victor R-Cafe Racer

The sports motorcycle segment has gained immense popularity in Bangladesh, with one standout model being the Lifan KPR, hailing from the renowned Chinese brand Lifan. While Chinese motorcycles were not traditionally in high demand in Bangladesh, Lifan has transformed the landscape.

Lifan Is Giving Discount Offer

RASEL INDUSTRIES LIMITED serves as the official distributor of Lifan motorcycles in Bangladesh. They have recently introduced a special offer for the Lifan KPR, complete with discounts and cashback opportunities, along with exclusive gifts for customers.

The Lifan KPR is an attractive option for budget-conscious motorcycle enthusiasts. In the past, owning a sports motorcycle was a distant dream for many due to the high costs associated with these bikes. However, Lifan has turned the tables by launching the Lifan KPR, which is now one of the most sought-after sports models in Bangladesh.Lifan’s promotion includes a generous 6000 BDT discount on the Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor version, featuring a racing DNA engine. Moreover, customers will receive a complimentary windbreaker as a token of appreciation with every purchase of the Lifan KPR.

Lifan Is Giving Discount Offer

In Bangladesh, the availability of adventure model motorcycles is limited, making the Lifan KPT 150 4V a standout choice. This adventure model has garnered significant attention and popularity in the country. Lifan is currently offering a remarkable 10,000 BDT discount on this model, and customers will also receive a free windbreaker with their purchase.

Lifan Is Giving Discount Offer

Café racers may not be widely popular in Bangladesh, but there’s a niche group of exclusive riders who appreciate the unique style and aesthetics of these motorcycles. Among the offerings, the Victor R-Café Racer 125 stands out as one of the most stylish and good-looking café racer models available.For a limited time, customers interested in the Victor R-Café Racer 125 can benefit from a 5000 BDT discount and receive a complimentary windbreaker. This special offer is for a limited period, so enthusiasts should act swiftly to secure their desired model and take advantage of this enticing promotion.

To explore these incredible offers further, we encourage you to visit the nearest authorized Lifan Motorcycle Showroom in your area. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own your dream motorcycle. Thank you for considering Lifan for your biking needs.

Md Naim Siddkiy
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