All Available Honda Bike Price In Bangladesh February, 2023

Below you will find all available Honda bike prices in Bangladesh List 2022. We also have all current/upcoming Honda Motorbike specifications and images. Honda is a top-rated motorcycle brand, best known for its commuting bikes in Asia.


Since 2013, Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd sells Honda motorcycles in Bangladesh. The Honda Livo bike is a popular choice in Bangladesh due to its balance, comfort and fuel efficiency. The Honda CBR150R sports bike is very popular in Bangladesh.

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honda cbr150r new
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honda livo 110 drum
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honda livo 110 disc
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Honda CBR 150R Repsol ABS Price In Bangladesh

৳ 480,000.00
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honda dream 110
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hero splendor plus
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honda cb hornet 160r
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honda cb shine sp
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honda dream neo
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honda dio (scooter)
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honda livo
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honda x-blade 160

Honda X Blade 160 Price In Bangladesh

৳ 189,500.00
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Honda CBR 150R Price In Bangladesh

৳ 450,000.00৳ 480,000.00

Honda Bike Price List 2022

Motorcycle Name CC Price
Honda ADV 150 150 cc 5,10,000 BDT
Honda PCX 150 150 cc 5,10,000 BDT
Honda XR 150L 150 cc Coming Soon
Honda CRF 150L 150 cc 4,95,000 BDT
Honda CBR 150R Repsol ABS 149 cc 4,80,000 BDT
New Honda CBR 150R 149 cc 4,38,000 BDT
Honda CBR 150R 2016 Indo 149 cc Not Available
Honda CBR 150R Thailand 149 cc 4,30,000-4,40,000 BDT
Honda X-Blade 160 162 cc 1,72,900 BDT
Honda X-Blade 160 ABS 162 cc Coming Soon
Honda CB Hornet 160R (ABS) 162 cc 2,55,000 BDT
Honda CB Hornet 160R (CBS) 162 cc 1,89,900 BDT
Honda CBR 150R Indonesian 162 cc 4,50,000 BDT
Honda CB 150R StreetFire 149 cc 3,80,000 BDT
Honda CB150R Exmotion 149 cc 5,50,000 BDT
Honda CB Trigger 149 cc Not Available
Honda CB Shine SP 124 cc 1,26,900 BDT
Honda Dream 110 110 cc 89,900 BDT
Honda Shine 124 cc 1,36,000 BDT
Honda Livo 110 Disc 109 cc 1,08,900 BDT
Honda Livo 110 Drum 109 cc 1,03,900 BDT
Honda Dream Neo 109 cc 97,000 BDT
Honda Wave Alpha (Scooter) 100 cc Not Available
Honda CD 80 72 cc Not Available
Honda Dio (Scooter) 109 cc 1,46,900 BDT

Honda Brand Profile

HONDA is a well-known motorcycle brand in Bangladesh and around the globe. Honda Motor Company Limited, a Japanese multinational corporation, is responsible for the worldwide operation of Honda. Honda is well-known as a manufacturer of power equipment, motorbikes, and automobiles. Honda is also a prominent corporation in other industries like robotics, marine aviation, and aeronautics.

Soichirohonda The Dream Founder

Honda Motor Company Limited was founded in Japan in October 1946 by Soichiro Honda, a self-taught Japanese engineer and industrialist. It was established between November 17, 1906 and August 5, 1991. The company was incorporated on the 24th of September 1948. Honda is the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, when they began producing motorcycles in 555.


Soichiro Honda was a motor mechanic in Japan’s Tokai region. He used to tune car engines to make them run faster in motor racing. Soichiro was able to get financial support from Kato Shichiro in 1937 and he started his own workshop Tokai Seiki (Eastern Sea Precision Machine Company) for the manufacture of piston rings for his motor engines.


Soichiro also worked in the Art Shokai Garage, and manufactured piston rings for Toyota Car Company. After several failed attempts and an initial failure, he was able to secure a contract to supply pistons to Toyota. However, the contract was cancelled due to poor quality piston rings. Soichiro continued his education and attended engineering school to further his knowledge.


To understand the secrets behind quality manufacturing and the quality control processes standardized by Toyota, he used to visit manufacturing plants. Soichiro Honda was later able to make quality piston rings that were accepted by Toyota. His manufacturing company Tokai Seiki was established. He could use automated processes and some unskilled labor.

Honda Motor Company Limited

Soichiro’s Tokai Seiki manufacturing company was taken under control by the Japanese Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Toyota, a car company, took a 40% stake. Soichiro was promoted to the position of senior managing director and removed from the office of president.


Soichiro maintained close relationships with the technical personnel at Toyota, Nakajima Aircraft Company and the Imperial Japanese Navy. He continued to assist other manufacturing companies in their war effort to automate production and manufacture military aircraft propellers.


In 1944, Soichiro’s Tokai Seiki’s Yamashita Plant was destroyed by a US B-29 Bomber Attack. A second plant in Itawa was also damaged by the Mikawa earthquake in January 1945. Soichiro Honda then sold all of the plants that could be salvaged to Toyota, and moved on to create another concern Honda Technical Research Institute (October 1946), which he later tied with Takeo Fujisawa. The story of HONDA, the automobile manufacturer, begins from this point.


Honda, the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer, is currently the largest by the end 2019 since 1959. They are also the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engine per year. Honda was the eighth-largest automobile manufacturer worldwide in 2015, and second in Japan in 2011.


Honda Motorcycle now operates worldwide. With a variety of motorcycle models and engines, they are able to reach a wider market. Honda’s strong position on the global market was made possible by their localized manufacturing and distribution. Honda began their Bangladeshi activity in December 2012 under the title Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL) in the midst of the market expansion.

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL)

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL), is a joint venture agreement between Honda Motorcycle Japan and the Bangladesh Government. It’s a joint venture between Honda Motor Company Limited (Japan) and Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation, State Own Corporation, under the Ministry of Industry, Bangladesh.


The companies formed a joint venture on September 27, 2012. Bangladesh Honda Private Limited was incorporated December 4, 2012. BHL began commercial production on November 1, 2013. BHL began its business operations with the support of two dedicated dealers houses and service centers in Tangail and Jamalpur.


BHL began selling Honda scooters and motorcycles in Bangladesh in December 2013 in support of these two dealers houses. Honda began by showing five models of motorcycles in Bangladesh and one model of a scooter. BHL currently has coverage across the country with more than 125 designated dealer points and support services.

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited – Manufacturing & Assembling Facility

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited, therefore, started its business operation by sourcing products from the nearest countries and manufacturing plants such as India, Vietnam, and so on. They designed their product line to bring various models of scooter and motorcycle in both CBU and CKD conditions.


BHL initially had limited assembly facilities, but later they allowed motorcycles to be brought in CKD rather than CBU mode. BHL was granted the initial stage of being a local motorcycle manufacturer. They also received import tax rebates as per Bangladesh Government regulations.


This allowed Bangladesh Honda to keep their scooters and motorcycles at a lower price from the beginning. BHL is currently the local manufacturer, as they have a fully-facilitated manufacturing plant in Bangladesh in Abdul Monem Economic Zone. This includes Gazaria, Char Baushia and Munshiganj.


Most of the Honda scooters and motorcycles in Bangladesh are manufactured and assembled in Bangladesh. Only a few premium models, as well as some new models, are imported under CKD & BBU conditions. These models are still being manufactured or assembled in Bangladesh.

BHL Product, Sales, Service, Dealers, & Distribution

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL), is the official distributor for Honda scooters and motorcycles in Bangladesh. BHL is the sole operator of the Honda scooter and motorcycle sales in Bangladesh. It also provides after-sales service and spare support for the Honda two-wheeler models. The company also handles all sales, promotion and events for Honda motorcycles in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh Honda Private Limited is currently showing a wider product range in Bangladesh. They offer dedicated motorcycle models in different categories. They are now offering Sport, Naked Sport and Commuter models. The product range is constantly being updated.


Bangladesh Honda Private Limited has now established a national distribution network that includes over 125 dealers and support staff. In a positive flow, the number of dealers is also increasing.


BHL dealers houses across the country have all been equipped with Honda 3S facilities. This means that they can provide Sales, Service and Spare support from one roof. Honda customers have easy access to spare parts, service, and maintenance for further purchases.

Contact: Bangladesh Honda Private Ltd.

Crystal Palace (12th Floor), Residence # 22, Road # 140 Gulshan-1
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
Tel: +88 02 985 88361
Helpline: 08000 430430
(9 AM – 4 PM).

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Who is the founder of Honda Motor Company?

Ans- Honda Motor Company Limited is founded by the self-learned Japanese engineer and industrialist Soichiro Honda (November 17, 1906 – August 5, 1991).  

2. When Honda has established?

Ans- Honda Motor Company Limited formed in October 1946 in Japan and incorporated on 24th September 1948.

3. What is the slogan of Honda?

Ans- “The Power of Dreams” is the core slogan of HONDA. 

4. Where is the Honda manufacturing plant in Bangladesh?

Ans- Honda manufacturing plant in Bangladesh located in Abdul Monem Economic Zone, Char Baushia, Gazaria, Munshiganj, Bangladesh.