Hero Bike Price In Bangladesh July, 2024

Hero motorbike Bangladesh is among the most well-known bike companies in the country. Niloy Hero MotoCorp Ltd ( Source). Below, we have listed the most recent information about the official Hero Bike Price in BD List 2023.


They produced a variety of beautiful bikes that captured people’s hearts. Popular Hero bikes in BD are Hero Splendor, Hero Glamour & Hero Hunk. Hero bikes are great for everyday commuting.


Excellent mileage, low maintenance cost, and long-lasting are one of the reasons for popularization of Hero Motorcycles in Bangladesh.

Available Hero Bike Price In Bangladesh

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New Hero Hunk 150R
৳ 181,000৳ 192,000

New Hero Hunk 150R Price In Bangladesh

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Hero Ignitor XTEC 125
৳ 156,000৳ 160,000

Hero Ignitor XTEC 125 Price In Bangladesh

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Hero Ignitor 125
৳ 133,500৳ 141,000

Hero Ignitor 125 Price In Bangladesh

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Hero Glamour
৳ 125,000৳ 140,000

Hero Glamour Price In Bangladesh

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Hero Splendor Plus IBS
৳ 116,000৳ 120,000

Hero Splendor Plus IBS Price In Bangladesh

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৳ 115,000৳ 127,000

Hero Splendor Plus Price In Bangladesh

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hero hf deluxe
৳ 106,000৳ 113,000

Hero HF Deluxe Price In Bangladesh

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hero passion xpro
৳ 107,250৳ 128,000

Hero Passion XPro i3S Price In Bangladesh

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Hero Motorcycles Bangladesh – Niloy Motors Limited

Hero MotoCorp Limited is an Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturing company. They make a variety of scooters and motorcycles under the brand of HERO which was previously called HERO HONDA.


At present, Hero operates its business worldwide and distributes their products throughout the world. In the future they will be the biggest two-wheeler manufacturer worldwide.


The Bangladesh Hero Motorcycle existed for an extended period. Since 1993, the Hero-Honda motorcycle was used to distribute through the Bangladesh owned company of the government Atlas Bangladesh Limited.


Atlas Bangladesh continued to distribute Hero-Honda. Atlas Bangladesh continued the distribution following the tie-up in India between Hero as well as Honda to India. Its distribution by Hero-Honda was continued to Bangladesh until 2013.


The year 2014 saw Niloy Motors Limited, the subsidiary that is part of Nitol-Niloy Group, came into the distribution of Hero motorcycles in Bangladesh. Nitol-Niloy Group signed the joint venture agreement with Hero Motocorp Ltd. on April 21, 2014 to manufacture and distribute Hero Motorcycles in Bangladesh.


Hero Thriller 160R: The Hero Thriller 160R is probably the most anticipated bike in Bangladesh in 2022. Its predecessor, the Hero Xtreme 150 was one of the most desired bikes of the past. The bike gained most of its fame due to its sleek design and robust engine.


Hero MotoCorp is one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycles across India as well as across the South Asian region. Hero has been dominating the motorcycle commuter market in Bangladesh for quite a while.


The Hero Hunk (previously Hero Honda Hunk) is a unique bike for the majority of people from Bangladesh because of its powerful design. HERO operates with Bangladesh by way of Niloy Hero Bangladesh Limited.


Following the split between the two companies, Honda Motors, Hero has been working to get into the commuter market, but not too much in the sports sector; however, their Hero Thriller 160R is their redemption.


The Hero Thriller 160R is a naked sportbike that has 160cc. It is equipped with technology to make up for the lack of heroes in the past few years. The Hero has ABS with a single channel as well as LED lighting and a great handlebar geometry and a very sporty exhaust. The overall look of the bike is sure to make riders feel butterflies in their stomachs.


The Hero Thriller 160R has the full LED light configuration. The headlight features two step LEDs that may not offer the most impressive projection, however it is likely to last enough to last for the long haul.


The taillight with LEDs has an extremely minimalist but prominent style. The indicators on the bike are minimalist and stylish. The sleek design makes the bike more appealing.


The Hero Thriller 160R comes with an adjustable rear suspension that can be adjusted in 7 steps. The preload rear suspension ensures the rider the highest satisfaction. The bike is also equipped with fuel injection which lets the bike have an extremely smooth engine and a high fuel efficiency.


The Hero Thriller 160R comes with an uni-cylinder, 4-stroke 2-valve as well as a 162cc motor. The engine is fuel-injected and air-cooled. The engine puts out about 14.8BHP in power with a speed of 8000 rpm, and the torque is 14Nm at 6500 rpm. Thanks to the fuel injection system, the bike will be extremely efficient. It is anticipated to achieve the equivalent of 42kmpl in the combined.


The Hero Thriller 160R has a multi-plate clutch that is wet. It comes with a five-speed gearbox that isn’t appropriate for a 160cc bike however it can be used. It is predicted to reach a maximum speed of 125 to 130 kmph.


Hero Hunk Hero has been rated as among the most elegant wheelers’ logos in India which released their products all over the Indian subcontinent that includes Bangladesh. In the beginning, Hero and Honda agencies collaborated and launched an item under the name Hero Honda but later Hero became distinct from Honda and released Hero Hunk in 2013.


Hero Hunk is an adorable motorcycle at first glance that is also well-organized. It appears bigger than other bikes to be an appearance or to claim that the seating feature is quite long.


The gas tank is able to hold around 12.40 liters of fuel, giving you ease of use in a longer period of time, and you don’t require a trip to the pump in a short time. In addition, its design can provide a sense of sports to riders. Furthermore, because of the gasoline tank’s package deal the tank could be in the wind and riders could never experience any type of vibration at a certain date in the future. high-speed.


Hero Hunk 150 has an air-cooled engine with a 4-stroke and an unmarried engine that can unleash maximum power 15.6 Bhp at 8500 RPM and maximum torque thirteen.50 Nm at 7500 rpm.


With its powerful engine and superior acceleration, this bike can travel up to 110 km/hour. Additionally, the CV CCVI carburetor is employed in this device. Electric and kick-starting options are included. The AMI kind of ignition device is among the latest technologies from Hero Hunk.


Hero HF Deluxe Hero HF Deluxe can be described as one of the commuter class products from Hero which is performing pleasant on the market. Also, the reduction in their charges in Bangladesh also helped boost sales rapidly. So here’s this Hero HF Deluxe Feature Review to make the product’s features more apparent to you. So let’s take a look at the features of the bike quickly.


The engine in Hero HF Deluxe. Hero HF Deluxe is a 100cc commuting-focused engine. It has low emissions making sure that you get the best gas efficiency and durability. It is a single cylinder, four stroke air-cooled type of engine.


This engine’s energy rating is 8.36PS and the torque maximum is 8.5NM. The engine is equipped with standard four gears that can be started with the guide kicker as well as an electric start device.


This turned into a quick review of the performance for the Hero HF Deluxe. We would like to provide an explanation of the picture of the bike in real life. If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable commuter, then think about this motorbike. Therefore, when it comes to the income vehicle, you might be aware of their accessibility across the United States. We believe it could be a good fit for your list.


This was the very first overseas manufacturing plant agreement for Hero MotoCorp that came in production in 2017.Currently, Niloy Motors, consequently, Hero Motorcycle Bangladesh manufacturing all of its featured Hero bikes in Bangladesh.


The company’s manufacturing plant has its headquarters at Noapara, Jessore, Bangladesh. In addition, it is currently manufacturing full-faze. Hero operates one of the biggest distribution and sales channels across Bangladesh.


Contact: Hero Bangladesh

Niloy Motors Limited
Nitol-Niloy Tower, 69 Nikunja -2 C/A , Khilkhet, Dhaka – 1229. Bangladesh.
E-mail: info@niloymotors.com
Telephone: 09636 610 010,
Sales Hotline: 09636 666 666,
Service-Hotline:09636 610 009,
Parts Hotline: 09636 626 262,

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Which country brand is hero?

Ans- Hero is an Indian motorcycle brand, originated from Dharuhera, India.

2. Who is the owner of Hero bike company?

Ans- The founder of Hero Group, Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal.

3. Why did Hero and Honda separated?

Ans- The companies decided to part ways owing to unresolved disputes, and their own plans for the Indian and international markets. Honda decided to exit the venture by selling its 26% stake to the Munjal family, the owners of Hero.

4. What is the new bikes from Hero?

Ans- In Bangladesh, Hero Maestro Edge, Hero Passion Xpro, Hero Splendor Ismart Plus – these are the latest commuter bikes from Hero.

5. Hero Glamour vs. Hero Ignitor – which is better?

Ans- Hero Glamour is an old design still performing well by today’s standard, and has a great price tag, while Hero Ignitor is one of the perfect 125cc all-rounder commuters for every occasion.


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